Meet the 2019-2020 SOULs


 Toni Addae-Kumi

  • Hometown: Durham, NC/ Ghana, West Africa

  • Major: Political Science, Pre-Law

  • Favorite Club/Org: AHO Rugby

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Oreo Cookies and Creme Milkshake from five guys, Double Stuffed!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The People!


Averi Arrowood - 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Asheville, NC

  • Major:   Elementary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org:  Intramural volleyball 

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:"  Ice cream

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian:  Sporting events and the people.

Averi Arrowood

Hannah Bean - 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: High Point, NC

  • Major: Social Work

  • Favorite Club/Org:  Sigma Alpha Omega

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Coffee and calls from my mom :)

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The beautiful views year round!


Rachael Beller

  • Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

  • Major: Business Management and Marketing

  • Favorite Club/Org: Kappa Delta

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Kind Notes, Eating out with Friends!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian:  The People!


Brendan Bethea

  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC

  • Major: Biology

  • Favorite Club/Org: Pi Sigma Epsilon 

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Taco Bell and Trips to the Parkway

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian:  The tight knit community between students and staff


Kyndavee Bichara

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: International Business

  • Favorite Club/Org: Black Student Association

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Music and Dancing

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: We are a Family, not big but not too small!


Ivasun Carter

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: Criminal Justice, International Studies

  • Favorite Club/Org: ACT Office

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Ben & Jerry’s Boom Chocolatta

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The many different clubs and organizations to get involved in!


Jeremy Doblin

  • Hometown: Apex, NC

  • Major: Political Science and History

  • Favorite Club/Org: Student Government Association

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Coffee

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The availability to be involved and make a change!


Sydney Edwards - Student Director of Orientation

  • Hometown: Dallas, NC

  • Major: Public Health

  • Favorite Club/Org:  SOUL

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" ICED COFFEE, Kind notes, salt and vinegar chips

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The kind people and connections that anyone is able to make.


Connor Fennell

  • Hometown: Wilmington, NC

  • Major: Communication Studies

  • Favorite Club/Org:  Ratio Christi

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" A twelve ounce steak will usually do the trick

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: My favorite thing about Appalachian so far has to be the professors I've had classes with. I certainly can't speak for every student on campus, but my experience in dealing with the App State faculty has made the transition to App as a transfer student that much easier. They're more than willing to offer a helping hand if you find yourself running into problems, and it's obvious that they genuinely care about each of their students. It's very reassuring knowing that the ones who are in the position to have a profound effect on my education have taken the initiative to invest themselves in my life.


Monique Geter - 2nd Year SOUL 

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: Global Studies

  • Favorite Club/Org:  SOUL

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Memes, cookies and cream ice cream, and popcorn

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The community. App will forever be my home away from home <3


Tucker Guignard

  • Hometown: Monroe, NC

  • Major: Marketing and Management

  • Favorite Club/Org:  Residence Hall Association & APPS

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Cookout Milkshakes

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The Community!  


Josh Harker - 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Garner, NC 

  • Major: Geology, Secondary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: University Housing (RA's)

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Hanging with friends, eating Ice Cream, and watching YouTube vloggers

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The environment, both the natural part and the community surrounding the school.



Heather Inman - 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Gastonia, NC

  • Major: English, Secondary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: SOUL and Women's Club Volleyball

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Receiving thoughtful notes, flowers, and SunDrop slushies!!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The people!! The connectedness you feel here at Appalachian is what makes this school so special. The diversity, opportunities, atmosphere, and endless beautiful views is what allows it to feel like home.

Heather Inman 

Stephen Justice

  • Hometown: Hampstead, NC

  • Major: Economics

  • Favorite Club/Org: Club Hub 

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Mexican Food

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The Outdoor Activities!


Colbie Lofton

  • Hometown: Kernersville, NC

  • Major: Computer Information Systems

  • Favorite Club/Org: The Order of Black and Gold

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Cooking, Baking, Watching the Sound of Music, and singing with friends!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Understanding Professors!


Marley Moore

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: Nutrition and Foods

  • Favorite Club/Org: Watauga Residental College

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Notes, Playlists/Music, Snacks

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The People!


Emily Motsinger

  • Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

  • Major: Social Work

  • Favorite Club/Org: Crossroads

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Milkshakes

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The Views and the Friendly people

Emily M

Seth Negus

  • Hometown: Apex, NC

  • Major: Finance and Banking

  • Favorite Club/Org: Alternative Service Experience

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Tea

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The sense of community all over campus!


Gabe Ramirez

  • Hometown: High Point, NC

  • Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry

  • Favorite Club/Org: Hall Council

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Irish Cream Breve

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The People!


Nia Robinson - 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Kannapolis, NC

  • Major: Middle Grades Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Appalachian Educators

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Inspirational Hype Music

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Football Games and the Small Town feel!

Nia Robinson 

Eli Stroud

  • Hometown: Boone, NC

  • Major: Economics

  • Favorite Club/Org: Fly Fishing Club 

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Driving on the Parkway with Friends!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Knowing that everyone wants you to succeed!


Brit Westbrook   

  • Hometown: Fountain Inn, SC

  • Major: Elementary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Kappa Delta

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" McDonald’s fries & a chocolate shake, The Office, and Kind notes!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The people! The community here makes it feel like home!


Emily Williams

  • Hometown: Cary, NC

  • Major: Special Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Best Buddies!

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Plants, Comeback Shack, sunsets, and snow!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The football games and the views

Emily Williams

Kennedy Williams

  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC

  • Major: Exercise Science

  • Favorite Club/Org: I just love being Involved!

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Words of encouragement, Crafting, Watching and listening to successful doctors, watching Nat-Geo, Vlogging, SHOPPING!!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The scenery and the friendships that I created


Winn Williams

  • Hometown: Morganton, NC

  • Major: History, Secondary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Lemonade

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The Beautiful Campus!