Meet the 2020-2021 SOULs

SOUL Student Director

Brit Westbrook

  • Hometown: Fountain Inn, SC

  • Major: Elementary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Kappa Delta and SOUL Club!

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" thoughful notes, anything from McDonalds, and intentional conversations

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: How easy it is to feel like Home! The community, location, and even the weather become such a part of you so quickly!


SOULs 2020

Student Orientation Undergraduate Leaders


Toni Addae-Kumi- 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Durham, NC/ Ghana, West Africa

  • Major: Political Science, Pre-Law

  • Favorite Club/Org: AHO Rugby

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Oreo Cookies and Creme Milkshake from five guys, Double Stuffed!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The People!


Daryn Armstrong 

  • Hometown: Cary, NC

  • Major:   Biology/ Cell Molecular

  • Favorite Club/Org:  Volleyball 

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:"  Ice cream

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian:  Sporting events and the people.


Kendyl Bass

  • Hometown: Concord, NC

  • Major: Social Work

  • Favorite Club/Org:  New Life Campus Ministries

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Coffee and calls from my mom :)

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Game nights with friends and Ben and Jerry's, and my favorite things about App are parkway hikes/picnics


Brendan Bethea- 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC
  • Major: Biology

  • Favorite Club/Org: Pi Sigma Epsilon 

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Taco Bell and Trips to the Parkway

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian:  The tight-knit community between students and staff


Alicia Biel

  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC

  • Major: Elementary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Panhellenic Council

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" I love driving on the parkway with good music, good company and some sort of ice cream!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: I love how the professors truly want to get to know you and have a positive relationship with you.


Sarah Dixon

  • Hometown: Siler City, NC

  • Major: Middle Grades Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Prospective Teachers of Mathematics Association (PTMA)

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Walking my dog, Blue.

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The beautiful scenery and the wonderful people!


Jasmine Garcia

  • Hometown: Roaring River, NC

  • Major: Spanish Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Appalachian Educators

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" A GreatTik-Tok

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Its passion for inclusivity and equity amongst students and staff!


Bailey Gardin

  • Hometown: Gastonia, NC

  • Major: Political Science (Pre- Law)

  • Favorite Club/Org:  Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board 

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Going to the Parkway!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Everything you could ever want from a university, ASU has it! Academic and Athletic excellence, the people, great views, and great weather!


Michael Gautier

  • Hometown: Dunn, NC

  • Major: English, Secondary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org:  Appalachian Educators

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Spending time with my friends, kind words, and music!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The people and the passion they bring to the community!.


Tucker Guignard- 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Monroe, NC

  • Major: Marketing & Management

  • Favorite Club/Org:  University Housing (RA)

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Cookout Milkshakes

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The Community!


Gracie Justice

  • Hometown: Boone, NC

  • Major: Global Studies

  • Favorite Club/Org:  New Life

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Sunset drive on the Parkway

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: I'm not just a number, I feel seen and wanted here! 


Hunter Koch - 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

  • Major: Art Education K-12 & Global Studies

  • Favorite Club/Org: Presbyterian and Episcopal Campus Ministry

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Earl Grey Tea

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: When it SNOWS!


McKenzie Mack

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: Elementary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Appalachian Educators

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Movie Marathons! Especially HORROR movies!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The football games! Nothing beats a Saturday at Kidd Brewer Stadium!


Justin Marks

  • Hometown: Roswell, Georgia

  • Major: Sustainable Development

  • Favorite Club/Org: Fiji

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" A scrumptious meal at F.A.R.M. Cafe!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The compassionate Community!


Christian Martin

  • Hometown: Winston- Salem, NC

  • Major: Middle Grades Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Appalachian Educators

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Strawberry Ice Cream 

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Sustainability efforts & the Football games! 



Caroline Meadows

  • Hometown: Hendersonville, NC

  • Major: Special Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: CRU

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Hiking & Driving the Parkway!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The sense of community and family you build!


Allyson Medlin

  • Hometown: New Bern, NC

  • Major: Public Health

  • Favorite Club/Org: Zeta Tau Alpha

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" ANY KIND OF COFFEE!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: How easy it can be to get involved both on campus and off!


Hudson Miller

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: Middle Grades Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: ACES

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Coffee Ice Cream!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: All the wonderful people in the Boone community!


Emily Motsinger- 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

  • Major: Social Work

  • Favorite Club/Org: Crossroads

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Milkshakes

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The Views and the Friendly people


Erin O'Neill

  • Hometown: Noblesville, Indiana

  • Major: Communications/ Journalism & Public Relations 

  • Favorite Club/Org: APPS & Residence Life

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Hanging out with friends in Crossroads! 

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The Amazing People!


Sarah Parvin

  • Hometown: Lexington, NC

  • Major: Chemistry

  • Favorite Club/Org: University Housing and Club Council!

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Hanging out with friends and Popsicles!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: Being able to connect with so many people that have become really important in my life and spending time exploring the Boone community!


Lindsey Perez

  • Hometown: Tampa, Florida

  • Major: Psychology

  • Favorite Club/Org: Kappa Delta

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Random calls from my Family and Friends!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: It is unique and unlike any other university out there!


Avery Pope

  • Hometown: Linden, NC

  • Major: Exercise Science

  • Favorite Club/Org: Sigma Kappa

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Pineapple pizza, Hot Cheetos, and Disney movies

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The beautiful campus and the weather!


Jocelyn Ricoy

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: Political Science

  • Favorite Club/Org: INTAPP

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Memes!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The sense of community I feel wherever I go on campus and off-campus!


Lauren Rowe

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: English, Secondary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: ACES

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Bread!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: App State Football and the friendships I’ve made!


TJ Sanders   

  • Hometown: Clayton, NC

  • Major: Studio Art

  • Favorite Club/Org: Student Support Services

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" a Snickers bar!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: I love the mountains. Also, the sense of community around App is amazing! 


Eli Stroud- 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Boone, NC

  • Major: Finance & Banking

  • Favorite Club/Org: SOUL

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Spending time with people who mean the most!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: My favorite thing about Appalachian State is the abundance of resources offered to help me succeed! 


Lizbeth Turrubiartes- 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Boiling Springs, NC

  • Major: Public Health

  • Favorite Club/Org: Best Buddies!

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Plants, Comeback Shack, sunsets, and snow!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The football games and the views


Winn Williams- 2nd Year SOUL

  • Hometown: Morganton, NC

  • Major: History, Secondary Education

  • Favorite Club/Org: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (ΦΜΑ)

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Spending time outside or with friends.

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: My favorite thing about AppState is being able to find communities both academically as well as socially and grow in them. 


Sara Wocher

  • Hometown: Wilson, NC

  • Major: Elementary Education 

  • Favorite Club/Org: Appalachian Student Ambassadors

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Iced Coffee, Rom-Coms, and Cookout Chicken Quesadillas!

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: The cold weather and the people!


Claire Wood

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management & Marketing

  • Favorite Club/Org: Alpha Gamma Delta

  • Favorite "Pick Me Up:" Cheddar Spinach Scone from Stickboy

  • Favorite Thing about Appalachian: All of the opportunities to get involved for the betterment of the Boone community!