Being a SOUL


  • Paid position:  Approximately $1,850  and $400 directly deposited to meal plan

  • Free housing during summer orientation sessions

  • Free on campus parking pass for the summer

  • SOUL Gear (ex. rain jackets, water bottles, shoes, etc.)

  • Networking opportunities with Appalachian faculty and administrative leaders

  • Crisis management, presentation, group facilitation skills and leadership development

  • Friendships and memories created with fellow SOULS and incoming students

SOULS are trained to improve their:

Campus Resource Expertise

SOUL Group

Intensive training on a variety of campus resources will provide SOULs a wealth of responses when asked about offices and organizations on campus.  SOULs will learn about the Office of Disability Resources, the Office of Transfer Services, the Department of Student Engagement & Leadership and so much more!

Crisis Management Skills

Check In

SOULs will be trained in crisis communication and how to solve problems efficiently. 

Facilitation Skills

Ice Breaker

SOULs will learn ways to effectively facilitate sessions with both students and parents. These sessions will range from assisting in parent panels to leading group advising sessions.

Peer Advising Skills



During training, SOULs will be taught about Appalachian's General Education curriculum, and why it is an important facet to an Appalachian degree.